One-stop shopping for massive goods

Mk Shoppers Help you forward the package to
The countries or regions you need
Step 1

Choose goods

You select the items you need on the domestic e-commerce website, then copy the purchase link to the Mk Shoppers platform

Or enter the desired product name in the Mk Shoppers platform search box, and select the product after searching from the recommended Taobao, Jingdong, etc.

  • Support Taobao, Jingdong, Tmall and other major Chinese e-commerce purchases
Step 2


Select the size, color, version, quantity, etc. of the item to add to the shopping cart to submit the order

Or directly submit the order through the international transfer to the Mk Shoppers platform meeting; after the member logs in, get the transfer address in the

  • 1. International logistics has postal restrictions on some products, please pay attention to restrictions and risk information, and make careful decisions
  • 2.1688 There is a limit on the minimum number of purchases. Please pay attention to the batch quantity of the merchant when purchasing
Step 3

Pay the cost of goods

Choose the purchased item to pay for the item

  • Support multiple currencies and payment methods
Step 4

Mk Shoppers Purchasing

Mk ShoppersThe buyer will order the item for you to contact the seller

After you have paid for the item, the order request will be pushed to the Mk Shoppers platform purchase request.

Step 5

Mk Shoppers inspection into the warehouse

Receive goods inspection, verify package weight and volume

After entering the warehouse, you can choose the parcel information you want to send overseas and submit the bill of lading; or continue to purchase the merchandise and submit it to overseas for delivery!

  • When receiving the goods, we carry out a strict professional inspection, take a physical photo of the goods for your review, if there is any problem, we will promptly feedback you and help solve
Step 6

Request To Shipped

In my order, select the parcel that has arrived in the library and submit the waybill to the foreign country, or wait for all the parcels to be sent to the warehouse to be submitted to the bill of lading

  • Some items are subject to postal restrictions, not all logistics lines can be sent, Mk Shoppers for you to filter out the available shipping methods, you can choose from it
Step 7

Select address to pay for shipping

According to your actual needs, fill in the foreign recipient information, select the route you think is appropriate and pay the order shipping cost.

Step 8

Mk Shoppers Warehouse Shipment

Commodity consolidation, weighing, reinforcement, photo delivery

  • In the process of international parcel delivery, there will be a small probability of accidents, such as aging delays, taxation, damage, fines, loss, etc. Mk Shoppers can not control and avoid third-party logistics providers And the quality of service and accidents that occur with customs in various countries, but in the service concept of “customer first”, Mk Shoppers will inform the reminder in advance according to the situation of each line and country, and will assist you in dealing with problems.
Step 9

Waiting for receipt & signing

You can check the international logistics track information in my waybill in the member center

  • There will be points after the receipt, points can upgrade the membership level and redeem the coupon!