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How to order

Act as purchasing agency process

Step one, choose the goods

Visit any shopping website in mainland China to pick up your favorite products. Tmall daigou product link selection

Step 2: Submit the purchase order

When you enter the page of "I want to purchase on behalf of others," you can automatically fill out a purchase order by pasting the website of the product details page using "Quick Purchase on behalf of others."

Copy the daigou product chain to the daigou box, you just need to manually fill in the product remarks, details of your daigou requirements, and then submit the daigou, the goods will automatically enter your shopping cart.

Add daigou products to shopping cart

Step 3: Payment

Enter "My Shopping cart" page, select the goods to be purchased on behalf of this time, after submitting the purchase, MkShoppers system will automatically deduct the cost of goods and freight in Mainland China. Panli will start purchasing on behalf of you after you make the payment.

Step 4, MkShoppers on behalf of goods

MkShoppers on behalf of the process is: MkShoppers purchase orders > Buyers buy goods from sellers. Merchandise to MkShoppers > The buyer inspects the goods

Tip: In the process of MkShoppers purchasing goods, you can query the status of goods in "my warehouse". When the status of goods shows "MkShoppers already arrived", you can "submit delivery".

Step 5: Pay freight on arrival

Enter the page of "My Warehouse", select the goods "already to MkShoppers" to submit delivery, select the appropriate delivery method, and then fill in the details of your goods correctly, finally submit settlement, and wait for Panli to deliver the goods package to you.

Step 6. Prepare for delivery after delivery

When waiting for MkShoppers to process the waybill, you can check the waybill status in "My Waybill". When the waybill status is displayed as "Shipped", you can also check the waybill status in "Parcel Tracking query".

Step 7, confirm receipt of goods

As soon as I received the package, I went to the "My waybill" page to "confirm receipt of the package" and evaluated the purchasing experience.

If you have any questions, please consult MkShoppers online customer service