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About Mkshoppers

What is MkShoppers? 
MkShoppers is a direct-from-factory platform based on China.  Through MkShoppers.com, you can search for products on China's 1688.com, Taobao.com, and JD.com websites, and you can make purchases directly with foreign exchange payments. All the products in the country are at your fingertips, which is absolutely fast and convenient! 

What is the Advantages of MkShoppers? 
Our technology bypasses distributors and lowers prices you find on Wish/EBay/Amazon/and Aliexpress by 20%-40% 

Niche Products 
You could find trendy products from popular in the world on MkShoppers with the help of our advanced technology. 

Low Shipping Fees Express 
Through MkShoppers you can buy products from factories in China. 
Multiple items, one package, one shipping fee. 

Assured Quality 
Our customer service team will communicate with factories on your behalf about whatever questions you may have with your order. We built a comprehensive quality control system to filter out factories that do not meet our standards.