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About us

What we really do? 
MkShoppers is  online shopping agent mall in China. We provide Rich variety products needed by the people of Zimbabwe and are responsible for product transportation services. You can buy goods directly to your country. Order by our website:https://MkShoppers.com/ 

Need our support? 
If you need any help from us, I can contact us through the following channels. TEL:++86 17770845107 WHATSAPP:17770845107 EMAIL:934523044@qq.com 

Why choose MkShoppers?  
MkShoppers is the first online shopping platform that focuses on serving people in Zimbabwe. We have thousands of suppliers to provide us with high-quality and affordable products, and we can deliver the products that customers want to customers in the fastest time. superior. And provide door-to-door service, so that you can get the goods you want without going out of the house.